“Sentimental Journey”

Gertrude Letourneau “Trudy” invites you to join her in her musical “voyages”.  You’ll be enchanted by Trudy’s versatility. She uses her four flutes, her voice and the piano to serenade you with beautiful melodies, make you sing with old favorite songs and tap your feet with exciting Celtic tunes. Gertrude engages her audiences with a wide variety of sing-a-long songs from 1930-1950’s as well as popular Irish, Scottish and French songs. Her 17 years’ experience as a musician at the  Perley and Rideau Veterans’ Health Centre in Ottawa allows her to draw from a wide range of skills as she takes the audience on a musical journey that will energize them and touch their hearts. Live music can reach people, bringing them out of themselves and their health limitations. She invites the audience to take a risk and to be part of the performance with their voice, hands, feet and with their heart…

“To watch Gertrude Létourneau bring music to elderly people is to experience the nourishment of a parched flower. Faces and eyes light up. Mouths form the words from almost forgotten songs. Fingers tap to the rhythms of melodies both familiar and just simply beautiful. Gertrude brings a vivacious and energetic spirit to her interchange with her audiences which is only one of the reasons why they love her.

“Julia Foster Chair, National Arts Centre

“Gertrude Létourneau is an electric performer who is wired with talent from the top of her head to the tip of her toes, whether engaging the audience in a rousing sing-a-long, or mesmerizing us with an intimate love song.”

Linda Belans, award-winning U.S. radio journalist and dance and theater critic, Raleigh News & Observer.

“I have had the privilege of being at a few of Gertrude’s performances and being on stage with her.She is a “Shinning Light”She performs/speaks in French and English and sings in both languages. She also plays 4 different flutes/Piano and sings Irish songs/pop/oldies. If you close your eyes you may think you are in Paris or a Music Hall in Dublin Ireland. I would highly recommend her. She is a true professional.”

Dominic D’Arcy, The Singing Policeman

“Apart from her versatile musical talents, Gertrude Létourneau has a very warm and likeable personality which shines through in her performances. The rapport she has with elderly people and the enjoyment they derive from her music is most noticeable, and obviously very meaningful and important to their well being.”

Robert Murray, President, The Kiwanis Club of Sage of Ottawa.

“Gertrude Letourneau is engaging, entertaining and has an amazing repetoire of songs!  She is extremely knowledgeable about her instruments and takes the time to introduce them to the audience in a manor that is both fun and interactive.  She comes highly recommended!!”

Ann Hall, Peter D. Clark Home


Contact:Gertrude Létourneau 613-799-1032

Email: gertrudeletourneau @ (without spaces)

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