Building Bridges/Bâtir des ponts

Performance and Communication Skills Workshops for Musicians

Learn to:

1.Relate to your audience from your authentic self

2.Adapt your program concert for different audiences

3. Engage audience participation

What do I do? I help musicians who are struggling to communicate on stage to trust their own authenticity while building bridges with their audience. I teach them tools and strategies to be at ease in all aspects of their performance, so that they can offer vibrant, joyful concerts for any audience with self-confidence and true delight.

The problem I want to solve: Communicating on stage with your instrument is one thing. Communicating verbally with the audience about the music presents a completely different challenge. You might even be terrified with the idea of talking to the public. You’re not alone: when asked to present concerts in the community for children or seniors, many musicians feel at a loss for words, and don’t know how to use their voice, let alone a microphone.

The solution I propose: We will explore transferring musical skills into communication skills by:

  1. learning to trust your own authenticity
  2. being fully present on stage with the audience
  3. adapting your program to meet the particular needs of the public in front of you
  4. being ready to receive (being ready to both give and receive on stage)
  5. accepting, instead of expecting, the unexpected
  6. finding ways to engage audience participation.


“I invited Gertrude to work with my group of multi-level amateur cellists to help them improve their performance skills and confidence on stage both as individual performers and as a group.

Gertrude was amazing…

She skillfully guided my performers through specific and actionable steps they could take to calm their nerves,  connect with their audience and start their performance off with confidence.
My cellists told me they learned a ton of skills they can start implementing right away to improve the way they present themselves on stage and that they had a lot of fun doing it.
We can’t wait to work with Gertrude again!”
Mea the Creative Cellist