Gertrude Létourneau “Trudy” invites you to join her in her musical “voyages”. You’ll be enchanted by Trudy’s versatility. She uses her four flutes, her voice,  the piano and the ukulele to serenade you with beautiful melodies, make you sing old favorite songs and tap your feet to exciting Celtic tunes. Trudy engages her audiences with a wide variety of sing-a-long songs from 1930-1950’s as well as popular Irish, Scottish and French songs.


Her 23 years’ experience as a musician at the Perley Health in Ottawa allows her to draw from a wide range of skills as she takes the audience on a musical journey that will energize them and touch their hearts. Live music can reach people, bringing them out of themselves and their health limitations. She invites the audience  to be part of the performance with their voice, hands, feet and with their heart… 

“Trudy” offers concerts for all seasons:  Robbie Burns, Valentine’s Day, St.Patrick’s Day, Mother’s Day, Summertime, The Colors of Fall, Remembrance Day, Christmas. Seniors homes that have enjoyed Trudy’s concerts include Stirling Park, Carlingwood, Willowbend, Stonehaven, Beacon Heights, The Redwoods, Villagia in the Glebe, The Waterford, Russell Meadows, Billings Lodge and Gardenvilla


Video of a music session with veterans at Perley Health.


Trudi is one of our favourite entertainers at Stirling Park! She is ALWAYS in a great mood, knows every song under the sun, plays and sings beautifully and connects so well with the Residents! We don’t often book entertainers more than once every 3-4 months, but we have Trudi in 7 or more times in the year, and if I had the budget, would have her in every week! Because she knows every song, she has a great repertoire for Valentine’s Day, Robbie Burns, St. Patricks Day, Springtime Party, Summertime songs, Remembrance Day Songs, songs about the Fall for an apple social and MANY Christmas songs. We especially love her upbeat flute tunes that get the Residents clapping along as well as her beautiful voice while she plays the piano and Ukulele. Out of 10 stars, we give Trudi an 11! Nissa Coghlan-Kerr Activity Manager | Stirling Park Retirement Community, Regional Activity Manager | Riverstone Retirement Communities

“To watch Gertrude Létourneau bring music to elderly people is to experience the nourishment of a parched flower. Faces and eyes light up. Mouths form the words from almost forgotten songs. Fingers tap to the rhythms of melodies both familiar and just simply beautiful. Gertrude brings a vivacious and energetic spirit to her interchange with her audiences which is only one of the reasons why they love her. ” Julia Foster Past Chair, National Arts Centre

Gertrude is one of our favourite entertainers at Carlingwood! Her ability to so beautifully play a range of instruments as well as sing, leaves us in awe. Besides being an extraordinarily multi-talented musician and performer, she is so personable and fun, the residents absolutely love her! A true gem! Lynda Steele, Activity Director, Carlingwood Retirement Residence

“Gertrude Létourneau is an electric performer who is wired with talent from the top of her head to the tip of her toes, whether engaging the audience in a rousing sing-a-long, or mesmerizing us with an intimate love song.” Linda Belans, award-winning U.S. radio journalist and dance and theater critic, Raleigh News & Observer.